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The new release of Just Translate 2019 is ready for download.

We are pleased to announce that the new release of Just Translate 2019 is now available. The new way to communicate effectively in any foreign language.

Are you planning to travel the world in 80-days? Will you be visiting countries both large and small? Do you want to be prepared to communicate in every possible language? Then Just Tranlate is the choice for you. Perhaps it is the only choice that will live to your expectations. More than 100 languages are included in this famous translator. No other translator offers as many languages as this app. Conquer the world with Just Translate

The new Just Translate 2019 lets you dictate documents by voice on any device quickly and accurately so you can translate them anywhere you go. Speak instead of type. No training needed. Start speaking and Just Translate recognize your voice, transform it into text and translate it into another language. Use your most powerful tool – your voice – and put it to work.

Just Translate 2019 offers you a reliable, full functioning text-to-speech system that quickly allows you to convert your translated text into a natural sounding voice. This is great if you have customers, business partners and friends in other countries, who speak a language other than yours. You could actually communicate with them in their language at the click of a button!

Just Translate is the complete translation environment for all of us

For Individuals
jalada Just Translate enable exchange of personal and professional multilingual    communications.

  • Correspond with family, friends and business partners.
  • Translate websites to access needed information.
  • Send and receive business proposals.

For Businesses
jalada Just Translate enable businesses to provide real-time multilingual access to their online information. Now your customers, prospects and trading partners can appreciate your business value in their own language.

Become a citizen of the world

  • Expand your horizons through international websites and blogs
  • Make purchases on international websites
  • Travel abroad with ease and confidence