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How to Make a Christmas Scrapbook - Part 1

Christmas scrapbooking is an easy and fun way to create a log of memories of certain functions, milestones etc. The greatest advantage of having jalada Collage is that by keeping all things in one place. You could re live your memories, the events that have happened, your first birthday etc and even get inspired to what to put in it, in the future! Christmas scrapbooks are a personalized Christmas craft and can be shared with a close friend or a close family member. For example, this Christmas you can make your mother a scrapbook, putting in pictures of you and her, together, on various occasions. This would certainly make her very happy. If you do not have the money to buy an expensive Christmas gift hamper, then substituting it with a homemade Christmas scrapbook is a great idea. It will be a very sentimental gift for your recipient, whoever it may be.


Christmas Scrapbook Ideas:

There are so many ideas which you can use for making a scrapbook, and if you are making one which is specifically meant for the Christmas occasion, then a pretty great idea for this will be to use pictures and bits pieces from the previous Christmas events. Most people, take a lot of pictures on Christmas eve, the Christmas service, Christmas dinner, etc Some even record everything on video. You are more than likely to find old photos from Christmas events, buried in a box, hiding in a basement. Retrieve that box and make good use of those old pictures by organizing them with jalada Collage.

Photos are singlehandedly the most important part of a scrapbook and when it comes to Christmas, you are more than likely to have many, many pictures. Obviously, you cannot put all of them in one scrapbook, so selecting the right pictures is also very important. Select those pictures in which the Christmas spirits is most prominent. For example, use pictures of your children sitting in Santa’s lap, use pictures of your own childhood where you are unwrapping Christmas gifts, use pictures of old Christmas trees which you decorated etc. If you have way too many Christmas pictures, try not to include pictures with the same things happening in them. If you include the picture of every Christmas tree which you have decorated then that may not leave enough room for you to include other pictures.

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