Photo Converter - Boost your photos, don't take them twice.

Overview of Key Features

/images/stories/symbols/ok.gifLet Your Photos Shine

jalada Photo Converter is a handy, inexpensive, powerful and simple photo software to enhance multiple images and photos in a batch. With this application you can cure any digital photo from common problems like red-eye, digital noise, bad exposure, blurry images or the "too dark" syndrome, among other things.

The best thing - you don't need to know anything about image editing, in order to dramatically improve the quality of your digital images. jalada Photo Converter makes it all seamlessly, with a few simple clicks.

/images/stories/symbols/ok.gifConvert between Various Formats

jalada Photo Converter is the revolutionary way to process your images. Convert your digital camera RAW files, to all popular image formats such as JPEG, PSD, RAW, TIFF, TGA, BMP, GIF, JPEG 2000, etc. See a full list with over 100 supported photo and image formats on this page.

/images/stories/symbols/ok.gifImport from Various Devices

You can use jalada Photo Converter to download images from various devices like your digital camera, flash drives, CD/DVDs, scanners, mobile phones, or other removable devices.

/images/stories/symbols/ok.gifScale your picture

You can change the size of your photos to popular printing formats, including standard facebook and web formats. Prepare your images for future slideshows that you can upload to popular websites.

/images/stories/symbols/ok.gifChange width and height independently

You can change width and height independently of each other, or make one proportional to another!

/images/stories/symbols/ok.gifAdjust your photos

Quickly improve your photos by adjusting brightness and contrast. Make images look either warmer or cooler by changing color temperature. Easily sharpen your photos, so they look more crisp and clear!

/images/stories/symbols/ok.gifApply Creative Effects to Visually Enhance Your Photos

Apply creative effects, such as oil painting, charcoal and dramatically change the visual quality of your images!

/images/stories/symbols/ok.gifCure red-eyes

With jalada Photo Converter you can remove a common "red-eye" effect from your digital photos with just a single click.

/images/stories/symbols/ok.gifConvert to Sepia Tone or Black-and-White

Make your images look like old photos by converting them to sepia tone, or make your pictures look "classic" and use the black-and-white effect, etc.

/images/stories/symbols/ok.gifWatermark Your Pictures

Select a logo or write a phrase and apply it to all converted pictures as a personal watermark.

/images/stories/symbols/ok.gifRename image files easily

You can easily set new names for the processed images by using original files' names, numbers, and other arbitrary characters.

/images/stories/symbols/ok.gifPreview results inside the program

All the settings that you apply, such as the sizes of new width and height, or rotation angle, are immediately reflected in the preview window, thus giving you instant feedback and saving you time!

/images/stories/symbols/ok.gifMulti-core CPU support for faster processing

Program can process images even faster if your computer has multi-core CPU, or has several CPUs installed.

/images/stories/symbols/ok.gifMultilingual Support

jalada Photo Converter interface and tech-support are available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Chinese.

and many, many more.

Adjust your photos

Make each photo its absolute best.

Photo Converter features image editing and enhancement tools that rival those in expensive photo software. The difference? Photo Converter tools are easier to master, and most take only a few clicks to use.

Photo Converter gives you everything you need to fix your photos. Remove red-eye with a click. Adjust exposure, brightness, and contrast. If you want to make the colors in your photos pop — without affecting skin tones — adjust the Temperature dial. To improve clarity and enhance detail, experiment with the Sharpness dial. With Photo Converter, you don’t need to be a professional to make your photos look that way.

Experiment with effects.

Have as much fun tweaking your photos as you do taking them. With Photo Converter effects, you can convert color photos to black and white, try a classic sepia tone, create oil paintings, and more. Experiment without fear: Select none and all effects are removed and returns your photo to its original state. In fact, any edit you make in Photo Converter is reversible, so you don’t have to worry about losing your originals.

Resize & Fit images to a Fixed-Size Rectangle, preserving Proportions

Sometimes resizing an image to a certain size may not produce optimal results, as it may change its proportions (aspect ratio). That's where jalada's Best Fit functionality of jalada Photo Converter comes in very handy! It allows you to resize any image so that it fits inside a rectangle of a fixed size that you specify and yet its proportions remain the same!

Rotating Images

If you took a digital photo with a portrait rather than a landscape orientation, you may find that the photo is incorrectly oriented once it imports to your computer. jalada Photo Converter provides a Rotate functionality for rotating selected images. You can rotate images individually or select a group and rotate them all at once. You can also select images and quickly rotate them using keyboard shortcuts.

Photo Copy Protection

Copy protect or brand your photos using a visible watermark or logo - A watermark is a recognizable image, text or logo in an image or photography. Digital watermarking is the process of embedding information into an image. The information in the image or photo typically identifies the author or copyright holder. The main purpose for the use of visible digital watermarks is copyright protection and visual marketing. Photo Converter is your application for adding visible watermark to your photos.

Corporate Identity and Visual Marketing

If you post images on webblogs or publish news in the web, which includes illustration or photos, then it could be important to let the viewer know who has made the photo e.g. by adding your logo or webaddress in one of the corners of the picture. Its not only for copy protection, it also could drive attention and traffic to your website or company website.

Having a large number of images

Having a large number of images, which should be watermarked, resized or converted? No Problem - you can process whole directory structures by a single click with Photo Converter. Add a watermark, change the image resolution, convert the image format and rename your images with ease.

Features at a glance

Review detailed list of program features:

  • Adjust brightness, contrast, and temperature
  • Rotate images individually or in groups
  • Get your photos from a camera to your computer in just a few clicks.
  • Instantly preview images of all types, for JPEG to RAW
  • Use TWAIN, giving you instant access to hundreds of existing and future scanners
  • Remove noise that may result from poor ISO settings
  • Convert to Black&White to create meaningful photographs.
  • Convert to Sepia tone and add a vintage look.
  • Correct small focus problems with Sharpen filter
  • Apply creative effects like oil painting and charcoal to visually enhance your photos
  • Understands over 100 major image types/ formats.
  • Save results in jpg, gif, png, bmp, tif, psd and many other formats!
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Lightning-fast processing speeds
  • Add true-transparency watermark with custom opacity
  • Watermark or logo could be added at any position
  • Batch processing of directory structures
  • Process 1000s of images at once!


System requirements

Photo Converter for Windows:

  • Multicore Intel or AMD processor with 64-bit support (2 GHz or faster)
  • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10
  • 1 GB RAM (recommended 4 GB)
  • 1024 x 768 display with qualified hardware-accelerated OpenGL video card
    and 512 MB of VRAM (1 GB recommended)
  • 1 GB available hard-disk space
  • Internet connection required for documentation and online services.

Photo Converter for Mac OS X:

  • Multicore Intel processor with 64-bit support
  • OS X 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) or newer
  • 1024 x 768 display with qualified hardware-accelerated OpenGL video card
    and 512 MB of VRAM (1 GB recommended)
  • 1 GB available hard-disk space
  • Internet connection required for documentation and online services.

Adding Effects was never so easy

Working with jalada Photo Converter

jalada Photo Converter is your easy-to-use software application designed for batch conversion of image files from one format to another. To do it you just need to go through a few easy steps.

  • Step 1. On the Start tab. Load the image files you wish to convert by clicking the File button in the Import section or use a additional options to import photos from your camera or scanner.
  • Step 2. Select a format for the resulting files and adjust the quality.

  • Step 3. Switch to the Adjust tab and resize your images using one of the available presets. Click here to learn more on how to do that.
  • Step 4. Or if you need to make some adjustmentsto the tonal range of your images or want to apply an effect like giving your pictures an old look.

  • Step 5. Switch to the Watermarktab to add a visible text or image watermark.

  • Step 6. Rename your images switching to the Start tab again and select the destination folder.
  • Step 7. Press the Convert button and wait till jalada Photo Converter creates new files for you.

Import and Export Image Formats

jalada Photo Converter  supports a wide range of different image formats. This enables you to use and exchange nearly any photo or pictures with friends or partners, regardless of the computer platform on which the file was created.

 The following table provides a summary of the Photo Converter supported image formats:

Format Import Export Description
3FR  x   Hasselblad Digital Camera Raw Image File
ART  x  x 1st Publisher clip art. (The format originally used on the Macintosh and later used for PFS, 1 bit per pixel)
ARW x   Sony Alpha Raw Image Format
BAY x   Casio Digital Camera Raw File Format
BIGTIFF x x Tagged Image File Format (64-bit offsets)
BMP x x Microsoft Windows bitmap image
BMP2   x Microsoft Windows bitmap image v2
BMP3   x Microsoft Windows bitmap image v3
CALS x x Continuous Acquisition and Life-cycle Support Type 1 image
CAP  x   Phase One Digital Camera Raw Image Format
CIN x x Cineon Image File
CR2 x   Canon Digital Camera Raw Image File
CRW x   Canon Digital Camera Raw Image File
CUR x   Microsoft Cursor Icon
CUT x   DR Halo
DCM x   Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine image
DC2 x   Kodak Digital Camera Raw Image File
DCR x   Kodak Digital Camera Raw Image File
DCRAW x   RAW camera formats
DCX x x ZSoft IBM PC multi-page Paintbrush
DNG x   Adobe Digital Negative
DPX x x SMPTE 268M-2003 (DPX 2.0)
EPDF x x Encapsulated Portable Document Format
EPI x x Adobe Encapsulated PostScript Interchange format
EPS x x Adobe Encapsulated PostScript
EPS2   x Adobe Level II Encapsulated PostScript
EPSF x x Adobe Encapsulated PostScript
EPSI x x Adobe Encapsulated PostScript Interchange format
EPT   x Adobe Encapsulated PostScript with MS-DOS TIFF preview
EPT2   x Adobe Level II Encapsulated PostScript with MS-DOS TIFF preview
ERF x   Epson Digital Camera Raw Image File
FAX x x Group 3 FAX (Not TIFF Group3 FAX!)
FFF x   Hasselblad Digital Camera Raw Image File
FITS x x Flexible Image Transport System
GIF x x CompuServe graphics interchange format
GIF87 x x CompuServe graphics interchange format
HRZ x   HRZ: Slow scan TV
ICB x x Truevision Targa image
ICO x   Microsoft Icon
ICON x   Microsoft Icon
IIQ x   Phase One Digital Camera Raw Image File
IMAGE x   GraphicsMagick Embedded Image
J2C x x JPEG-2000 Code Stream Syntax
JNG x x JPEG Network Graphics
JP2 x x JPEG-2000 JP2 File Format Syntax
JPC x x JPEG-2000 Code Stream Syntax
JPEG x x Joint Photographic Experts Group JFIF format
JPG x x Joint Photographic Experts Group JFIF format
K25 x   Kodak Digital Camera Raw Image File
KDC x   Kodak Digital Camera Raw Image File
MAT x x MATLAB Level 5.0-7.0 image formats
MDC x   Minolta Digital Camera Raw Image File
MEF x   Mamiya Digital Camera Raw Image File
MIFF x x Magick Image File Format
MNG x x Multiple-image Network Graphics
MOS x   Leaf Camera RAW File"
MRW x   Minolta Digital Camera Raw Image File
NEF x   Nikon Digital Camera Raw Image File
NRW x   Nikon Digital Camera Raw Image File
ORF x   Olympus Digital Camera Raw Image File
OTB x x On-the-air bitmap
P7 x x Xv thumbnail format
PAM x x Portable Arbitrary Map format
PBM x x Portable bitmap format (black/white)
PCD x x Photo CD
PCDS x x Photo CD
PCT x x Apple Macintosh QuickDraw/PICT
PCX x x ZSoft IBM PC Paintbrush
PDB x x Palm Database ImageViewer Format
PDF x x Portable Document Format
PEF x   Pentax Digital Camera Raw Image File
PFA x   Postscript Type 1 font (ASCII)
PFB x   Postscript Type 1 font (binary)
PGM x x Portable graymap format (gray scale)
PGX x   JPEG-2000 VM Format
PICON x x Personal Icon
PICT x x Apple Macintosh QuickDraw/PICT
PIX x   Alias/Wavefront RLE image format
PNG x x Portable Network Graphics
PNG24 x x 24-bit RGB PNG, opaque only
PNG32 x x 32-bit RGBA PNG, semitransparency OK
PNG8 x x 8-bit indexed PNG, binary transparency only
PNM x x Portable anymap
PPM x x Portable pixmap format (color)
PS x x Adobe PostScript
PS2   x Adobe Level II PostScript
PSD x x Adobe Photoshop bitmap
PTIF x x Pyramid encoded TIFF
PTX x   Pentax Digital Camera Raw Image File
PXN x   Logitech Digital Camera Raw Image File
RAF x   Fuji Digital Camera Raw Image File
RAS x x SUN Rasterfile
RAW x   RAW Photo File Format
RLE x   Utah Run length encoded image
RW2 x   Panasonic Digital Camera Raw Image File
RWL x   Leica Digital Camera Raw Image File
SGI x x Irix RGB image
SR2 x   Sony Digital Camera Raw Image File
SRF x   Sony Digital Camera Raw Image File
SRW x   Samsung Digital Camera Raw Image File
STI x   Sinar CaptureShop Image
SUN x x SUN Rasterfile
SVG x x Scalable Vector Graphics
TGA x x Truevision Targa image
TIF x x Tagged Image File Format
TIFF x x Tagged Image File Format
TTF x   TrueType font
VDA x x Truevision Targa image
VICAR x x VICAR rasterfile format
VIFF x x Khoros Visualization image
VST x x Truevision Targa image
WBMP x x Wireless Bitmap (level 0) image
WMF x   Windows Meta File
WPG x   Word Perfect Graphics
XBM x x X Windows system bitmap (black/white)
XCF x   GIMP image
XPM x x X Windows system pixmap (color)
XV x x Khoros Visualization image

Import a photo from your camera

Copying photos from your digital camera to your computer so that you can work with them in jalada Photo Converter is simple if you’re familiar with your camera and the tools at your disposal. In this section, you find some points to consider about using Microsoft Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) after you hook up your camera to your computer.

jalada Photo Converter can convert RAW images from almost all DSLR digital cameras (including: Canon, Casio, Fuji, Hasselblad, Kodak, Leica, Minolta, Pentax, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, Rollei, Sony).

Supported Digital Cameras

All cameras that support the Adobe Digital Negative RAW format (DNG)

AgfaPhoto DC-833m


Canon Visit Canon's Website
Canon PowerShot 600
Canon PowerShot A5
Canon PowerShot A5 Zoom
Canon PowerShot A50
Canon PowerShot A460 (CHDK hack)
Canon PowerShot A470 (CHDK hack)
Canon PowerShot A530 (CHDK hack)
Canon PowerShot A570 (CHDK hack)
Canon PowerShot A590 (CHDK hack)
Canon PowerShot A610 (CHDK hack)
Canon PowerShot A620 (CHDK hack)
Canon PowerShot A630 (CHDK hack)
Canon PowerShot A640 (CHDK hack)
Canon PowerShot A650 (CHDK hack)
Canon PowerShot A710 IS (CHDK hack)
Canon PowerShot A720 IS (CHDK hack)
Canon PowerShot Pro70
Canon PowerShot Pro90 IS
Canon PowerShot Pro1
Canon PowerShot G1
Canon PowerShot G2
Canon PowerShot G3
Canon PowerShot G5
Canon PowerShot G6
Canon PowerShot G7 (CHDK hack)
Canon PowerShot G9
Canon PowerShot G10
Canon PowerShot G11
Canon PowerShot G12
Canon PowerShot S2 IS (CHDK hack)
Canon PowerShot S3 IS (CHDK hack)
Canon PowerShot S5 IS (CHDK hack)
Canon PowerShot SD300 (CHDK hack)
Canon PowerShot S30
Canon PowerShot S40
Canon PowerShot S45
Canon PowerShot S50
Canon PowerShot S60
Canon PowerShot S70
Canon PowerShot S90
Canon PowerShot S95
Canon PowerShot S100
Canon PowerShot SX1 IS
Canon PowerShot SX110 IS (CHDK hack)
Canon PowerShot SX120 IS (CHDK hack)
Canon PowerShot SX20 IS (CHDK hack)
Canon PowerShot SX30 IS (CHDK hack)
Canon EOS D30
Canon EOS D60
Canon EOS 5D
Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Canon EOS 7D
Canon EOS 10D
Canon EOS 20D
Canon EOS 30D
Canon EOS 40D
Canon EOS 50D
Canon EOS 60D
Canon EOS 300D / Digital Rebel / Kiss Digital
Canon EOS 350D / Digital Rebel XT / Kiss Digital N
Canon EOS 400D / Digital Rebel XTi / Kiss Digital X
Canon EOS 450D / Digital Rebel XSi / Kiss Digital X2
Canon EOS 500D / Digital Rebel T1i / Kiss Digital X3
Canon EOS 550D / Digital Rebel T2i / Kiss Digital X4
Canon EOS 600D / Digital Rebel T3i / Kiss Digital X5
Canon EOS 1000D / Digital Rebel XS / Kiss Digital F
Canon EOS 1100D / Digital Rebel T3 / Kiss Digital X50
Canon EOS D2000C
Canon EOS-1D
Canon EOS-1DS
Canon EOS-1D Mark II
Canon EOS-1D Mark II N
Canon EOS-1D Mark III
Canon EOS-1D Mark IV
Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II
Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III


Casio  Visit Casio's Website
Casio QV-2000UX
Casio QV-3000EX
Casio QV-3500EX
Casio QV-4000
Casio QV-5700
Casio QV-R41
Casio QV-R51
Casio QV-R61
Casio EX-S20
Casio EX-S100
Casio EX-Z4
Casio EX-Z50
Casio EX-Z500
Casio EX-Z55
Casio EX-Z60
Casio EX-Z75
Casio EX-Z750
Casio EX-Z850
Casio EX-Z1050
Casio EX-Z1080
Casio Exlim Pro 505
Casio Exlim Pro 600
Casio Exlim Pro 700


Fuji  Visit Fuji's Website
Fuji FinePix E550
Fuji FinePix E900
Fuji FinePix F700
Fuji FinePix F710
Fuji FinePix F800
Fuji FinePix F810
Fuji FinePix S2Pro
Fuji FinePix S3Pro
Fuji FinePix S5Pro
Fuji FinePix S20Pro
Fuji FinePix S100FS
Fuji FinePix S5000
Fuji FinePix S5100/S5500
Fuji FinePix S5200/S5600
Fuji FinePix S6000fd
Fuji FinePix S7000
Fuji FinePix S9000/S9500
Fuji FinePix S9100/S9600
Fuji FinePix S200EXR
Fuji FinePix HS10/HS11
Fuji FinePix HS20EXR
Fuji FinePix F550EXR
Fuji FinePix F600EXR
Fuji FinePix X100
Fuji FinePix X10
Fuji IS-1


Hasselblad  Visit Hasselblad's Website
Hasselblad CFV
Hasselblad H3D
Hasselblad H4D
Hasselblad V96C


Kodak  Visit Kodak's Website
Kodak DC20
Kodak DC25
Kodak DC40
Kodak DC50
Kodak DC120 (also try kdc2tiff)
Kodak DCS200
Kodak DCS315C
Kodak DCS330C
Kodak DCS420
Kodak DCS460
Kodak DCS460A
Kodak DCS520C
Kodak DCS560C
Kodak DCS620C
Kodak DCS620X
Kodak DCS660C
Kodak DCS660M
Kodak DCS720X
Kodak DCS760C
Kodak DCS760M
Kodak NC2000F
Kodak ProBack
Kodak PB645C
Kodak PB645H
Kodak PB645M
Kodak DCS Pro 14n
Kodak DCS Pro 14nx
Kodak DCS Pro SLR/c
Kodak DCS Pro SLR/n
Kodak C330
Kodak C603
Kodak P850
Kodak P880
Kodak Z980
Kodak Z981
Kodak Z990
Kodak Z1015
Kodak KAI-0340


Konica  Visit Konica's Website
Konica KD-400Z
Konica KD-510Z


Mamiya Leaf  Visit Mamiya Leaf's Website
Leaf AFi 7
Leaf AFi-II 5
Leaf AFi-II 6
Leaf AFi-II 7
Leaf AFi-II 8
Leaf AFi-II 10
Leaf AFi-II 10R
Leaf AFi-II 12
Leaf AFi-II 12R
Leaf Aptus 17
Leaf Aptus 22
Leaf Aptus 54S
Leaf Aptus 65
Leaf Aptus 75
Leaf Aptus 75S
Leaf Cantare
Leaf CatchLight
Leaf CMost
Leaf DCB2
Leaf Valeo 6
Leaf Valeo 11
Leaf Valeo 17
Leaf Valeo 22
Leaf Volare


Leica  Visit Canon's Website
Leica Digilux 2
Leica Digilux 3
Leica D-LUX2
Leica D-LUX3
Leica D-LUX4
Leica D-LUX5
Leica V-LUX1
Leica V-LUX2


Minolta  Visit Canon's Website
Minolta RD175
Minolta DiMAGE 5
Minolta DiMAGE 7
Minolta DiMAGE 7i
Minolta DiMAGE 7Hi
Minolta DiMAGE A1
Minolta DiMAGE A2
Minolta DiMAGE A200
Minolta DiMAGE G400
Minolta DiMAGE G500
Minolta DiMAGE G530
Minolta DiMAGE G600
Minolta DiMAGE Z2
Minolta Alpha/Dynax/Maxxum 5D
Minolta Alpha/Dynax/Maxxum 7D


Nikon  Visit Nikon's Website
Nikon D1
Nikon D1H
Nikon D1X
Nikon D2H
Nikon D2Hs
Nikon D2X
Nikon D2Xs
Nikon D3
Nikon D3s
Nikon D3X
Nikon D40
Nikon D40X
Nikon D50
Nikon D60
Nikon D70
Nikon D70s
Nikon D80
Nikon D90
Nikon D100
Nikon D200
Nikon D300
Nikon D300s
Nikon D700
Nikon D3000
Nikon D3100
Nikon D5000
Nikon D5100
Nikon D7000
Nikon 1 J1
Nikon 1 V1
Nikon E700 ("DIAG RAW" hack)
Nikon E800 ("DIAG RAW" hack)
Nikon E880 ("DIAG RAW" hack)
Nikon E900 ("DIAG RAW" hack)
Nikon E950 ("DIAG RAW" hack)
Nikon E990 ("DIAG RAW" hack)
Nikon E995 ("DIAG RAW" hack)
Nikon E2100 ("DIAG RAW" hack)
Nikon E2500 ("DIAG RAW" hack)
Nikon E3200 ("DIAG RAW" hack)
Nikon E3700 ("DIAG RAW" hack)
Nikon E4300 ("DIAG RAW" hack)
Nikon E4500 ("DIAG RAW" hack)
Nikon E5000
Nikon E5400
Nikon E5700
Nikon E8400
Nikon E8700
Nikon E8800
Nikon Coolpix P6000
Nikon Coolpix P7000
Nikon Coolpix P7100
Nikon Coolpix S6 ("DIAG RAW" hack)


Olympus  Visit Olympus Website
Olympus C3030Z
Olympus C5050Z
Olympus C5060WZ
Olympus C7070WZ
Olympus C70Z,C7000Z
Olympus C740UZ
Olympus C770UZ
Olympus C8080WZ
Olympus X200,D560Z,C350Z
Olympus E-1
Olympus E-3
Olympus E-5
Olympus E-10
Olympus E-20
Olympus E-30
Olympus E-300
Olympus E-330
Olympus E-400
Olympus E-410
Olympus E-420
Olympus E-500
Olympus E-510
Olympus E-520
Olympus E-620
Olympus E-P1
Olympus E-P2
Olympus E-P3
Olympus E-PL1
Olympus E-PL1s
Olympus E-PL2
Olympus E-PL3
Olympus E-PM1
Olympus SP310
Olympus SP320
Olympus SP350
Olympus SP500UZ
Olympus SP510UZ
Olympus SP550UZ
Olympus SP560UZ
Olympus SP570UZ
Olympus XZ-1


Panasonic Visit Panasonic's Website
Panasonic DMC-FZ8
Panasonic DMC-FZ18
Panasonic DMC-FZ28
Panasonic DMC-FZ30
Panasonic DMC-FZ35/FZ38
Panasonic DMC-FZ40
Panasonic DMC-FZ50
Panasonic DMC-FZ100
Panasonic DMC-FZ150
Panasonic DMC-FX150
Panasonic DMC-G1
Panasonic DMC-G10
Panasonic DMC-G2
Panasonic DMC-G3
Panasonic DMC-GF1
Panasonic DMC-GF2
Panasonic DMC-GF3
Panasonic DMC-GH1
Panasonic DMC-GH2
Panasonic DMC-GX1
Panasonic DMC-L1
Panasonic DMC-L10
Panasonic DMC-LC1
Panasonic DMC-LX1
Panasonic DMC-LX2
Panasonic DMC-LX3
Panasonic DMC-LX5


Pentax  Visit Pentax's Website
Pentax *ist D
Pentax *ist DL
Pentax *ist DL2
Pentax *ist DS
Pentax *ist DS2
Pentax K10D
Pentax K20D
Pentax K100D
Pentax K100D Super
Pentax K200D
Pentax K2000/K-m
Pentax K-x
Pentax K-r
Pentax K-5
Pentax K-7
Pentax Optio S
Pentax Optio S4
Pentax Optio 33WR
Pentax Optio 750Z
Pentax 645D


Phase One Visit Phase One's Website
Phase One LightPhase
Phase One H 10
Phase One H 20
Phase One H 25
Phase One P 20
Phase One P 25
Phase One P 30
Phase One P 45
Phase One P 45+
Phase One P 65


Rollei  Visit Rollei's Website
Rollei d530flex


Sony  Visit Sony's Website
Sony DSC-F828
Sony DSC-R1
Sony DSC-V3
Sony DSLR-A100
Sony DSLR-A200
Sony DSLR-A230
Sony DSLR-A290
Sony DSLR-A300
Sony DSLR-A330
Sony DSLR-A350
Sony DSLR-A380
Sony DSLR-A390
Sony DSLR-A450
Sony DSLR-A500
Sony DSLR-A550
Sony DSLR-A580
Sony DSLR-A700
Sony DSLR-A850
Sony DSLR-A900
Sony NEX-3
Sony NEX-5
Sony NEX-5N
Sony NEX-7
Sony NEX-C3
Sony SLT-A33
Sony SLT-A35
Sony SLT-A55V
Sony SLT-A65V
Sony SLT-A77V
Sony XCD-SX910CR


And also  
Apple QuickTake 100
Apple QuickTake 150
Apple QuickTake 200
AVT F-080C
AVT F-145C
AVT F-201C
AVT F-510C
AVT F-810C
Contax N Digital
Creative PC-CAM 600
Epson R-D1
Foculus 531C
Imacon Ixpress 16-megapixel
Imacon Ixpress 22-megapixel
Imacon Ixpress 39-megapixel
ISG 2020x1520
Logitech Fotoman Pixtura
Mamiya ZD
Micron 2010
Motorola PIXL
Nokia N95
Nokia X2
Pixelink A782
Redcode R3D format
RoverShot 3320af
Samsung EX1
Samsung GX-1S
Samsung GX10
Samsung GX20
Samsung NX10
Samsung NX11
Samsung NX100
Samsung NX200
Samsung WB550
Samsung WB2000
Samsung S85 (hacked)
Samsung S850 (hacked)
Sinar 3072x2048
Sinar 4080x4080
Sinar 4080x5440
Sinar STI format
SMaL Ultra-Pocket 3
SMaL Ultra-Pocket 4
SMaL Ultra-Pocket 5

List of Compatible Scanners

New scanners are added on a regular basis. If you are looking for a scanner not on this list, consult the documentation to see if it comes bundled with a TWAIN driver. jalada ImageDream supports all scanners with TWAIN driver, the de facto interface standard for scanners. The following are just some of the scanners currently known to be compatible. If your scanner is supported by Image Dream but not listed below, please notify us. Thanks!

AcerScan 620U
ScanPrisa 340P
Agfa SnapScan 1212P
Agfa SnapScan 1212U
Agfa SnapScan 1236S
Agfa SnapScan 1236U
Agfa SnapScan Touch
Ambir Technology
TravelScan 660
Avision 100C
Bell & Howell
Bell & Howell Sidekick 1200
Bell & Howell Sidekick 1400
Brother 3820CN
Brother MFC 9700
Brother MFC 6800
Brother MFC 8500
Brother MFC 8820-D
Brother DCP 8040
Brother MFC 8840-D
Brother MFC 5200c
Canon DR-1210C
Canon DR-2050C
Canon DR-2580C
Canon DR-3080CII
Canon DR-4580U
Canon DR-5010C
Canon DR-5080C
Canon DR-7080C
Canon DR-7580
Canon DR-9080C
Canon CR-180
CanoScan 8000F
CanoScan LIDE 30
Canon 5020i
Canon 5550
Canon C3200
Canon Copier 6800
Dell A960
Fujitsu 3093
Fujitsu 4110EQX2
Fujitsu 4120C
Fujitsu 4220C
Fujitsu 4340C
Fujitsu 5110C
Fujitsu 5120C
Fujitsu 5220C
Fujitsu 5015C
Fujitsu 4010C
Fujitsu 60F A6
Fujitsu fi-4120C
Fujitsu fi-5750C
Fujitsu ScanPartner 600C
Fujitsu M3092DC
Gestetner 2712
HP 1850
HP 3015
HP 3030
HP 3200
HP 3300
HP 3300C
HP 3330
HP 3380
HP 3500C
HP 3670C
HP 3970
HP 4600
HP 5300C
HP 5470C
HP 5500C
HP 5510
HP 5550
HP 5550C
HP 6110
HP 6110xi
HP 6200
HP 6300C
HP 7110
HP 7130
HP 7130xi
HP 7400C
HP 7410
HP 7450
HP 7490
HP 8200
HP 8200C
HP 8250
HP 8290
HP 8590
HP d145
HP 3330
HP v40
HP Scanjet 5590
Kodak i260
Kodak i40
Kodak i80
Konica Minolta
Konica KM-4035
Konica 7022
Konica DI-2510
Konica 2510
Minolta Di470
Minolta Di251f
Minolta Di250i
Kyocera KM-4530
Kyocera KM-3035
Kyocera 11
Kyocera KM-4035
Microtek 5950
Microtek X12
Mitsubishi SS600
Panasonic KV-S1020C
Panasonic KV-S1025C
Panasonic KV-S3065C
Panasonic KV-S7065C
Panasonic KV-S3105C
Panasonic KV-S2025C
Panasonic KV-S2026C
Panasonic KV-S2045C
Panasonic KV-S2046C
Panasonic KV-S2046U
Ricoh 5645
Ricoh IS330DC
Ricoh 620C
Ricoh 2045 S/P
Ricoh Aficio 1035
Ricoh 1224
Ricoh 2035
Ricoh 450
Ricoh IS420
Samsung SCX4216F
Savin 2535 Super G3
Savin 4045 SP
Savin 3224c
Savin 2536 Super G3
Sharp AR-M280N
Sharp AR-507
Sharp m350n+
Sharp AL-1541
Sharp AL-1641cs
Toshiba 280
Toshiba e-Studio 550
Visioneer 4400 USB
Visioneer 4800 USB
Visioneer 5800 USB
Visioneer 6100 USB
Visioneer 8220 USB
Visioneer 8600 USB
Visioneer 8600 LPT
Visioneer 8650 USB
Visioneer 8650 LPT
Visioneer Touch 8700 USB
Visioneer 9450 USB
Visioneer 9650
Visioneer 9650 USB
Visioneer 9750 USB
Visioneer Strobe XP 100
Visioneer Strobe XP 200
Visioneer Strobe XP 450
Visioneer StrobePro
Visioneer XP-99
Visioneer XP-100
XEROX DigiPath
XEROX DocuMate 272
XEROX DocuMate 262
XEROX DocuMate 252
XEROX DocuMate 250
XEROX DocuMate 510
XEROX DocuMate 520
XEROX PhotoScanner 6400
  • note: All the scanner models in the list have been tested with the TWAIN drivers supplied with them at the time of testing. All these appeared to have a jalada ImageDream compatible mode. Nonetheless jalada doesn't guarantee these scanners to be fully compatible with ImageDream due to the fact that we were unable to encompass all the possible operating systems and scanner drivers in our testing program. Due to this fact jalada assumes no liability whatsoever for any commercial damage that might arise out of use of the scanner information stated below.

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