Language Alchemist - Mastery over vocabulary is just one click away.

Struggling With Vocabulary? Call the Alchemist!

Whenever you don't understand a word or phrase, you run the risk of misunderstanding the information you're reading. Whether you're a student or a professional - this could have serious consequences! But with jalada Language Alchemist, whenever you see a word you don't know in a manual, pdf document, web site, online help, or anywhere...

jalada Fractal - Your whole fractal creation studio for Windows and OS X.

Get in touch with the fantastic and mysterious world of fractals.

It’s like you’re flying into a magic universe. Swipe your touchpad to zoom into the fractal in one fluid, continuous motion. Or click and drag the mouse onto the fractal you're investigate to find your way through the beautiful complexity of fractal images. Initially, just play around. If you make a change you don't like, just step back.

jalada Textual 4 - The text editor for Mac OS X packed with features.

jalada Textual 4 - The power to get your job done.

In addition to being the most powerful text editor for OS X, Texual 4 now provides an unique set of tools, such as document management, bookmarks, find in files and direct online searches, which all together bring you an unmatched user experience. Working steps that previously had to be done through various programs, now find their way into one central application.

Just Translate 2016 - The App to read and write full text in 80 major languages of the world.

The power to translate full text in just a few steps.

Just Translate is the ideal editor to instantly translate and understand foreign language text by using one of the mayor translation service worldwide. Read and write text in the most important languages of the world, such as English, Chinese, Arabic, French, Russian, Polish, Spanish, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, and many others. Check the correct spelling with the new integrated spell checker. And speak a foreign language with the right pronunciation through the new transliteration functionality.

Best Image Converter - The most comprehensive App for converting image types into others.

The RAW converter You really need.

Best Image Converter is the most comprehensive App for converting digital cameras RAW files, Postscript, PDF and all popular image formats into others, quick and reliable, simply by Drag & Drop. With support for over 1000 digital cameras and more than 100 commonly used photo and picture formats, Best Image Converter enables you to import your pictures and photos into nearly any app. Best Image Converter has been tested with all major picture and photo apps, such as Apple iPhoto or Adobe Photoshop.