jalada Hamia - The great puzzle game to train your skill, intelligence and perception.

jalada Hamia: The Ice Cube Game

When we hit upon the magic combination of simplicity and challenge, which keeps you coming back to play jalada Hamia again and again. We knew we had a game with mass appeal. It's thought-provoking, maddeningly addictive, and thoroughly fun for anyone from 5 years of age to 105. Shove it!

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jalada Hamia is a challenging, brain-teasing puzzle game based on moving ice cubes around a playground with various places and corridors. Scattered throughout the area are ice cubes which must be moved into a pre-determined area. Don't be too quick to scoff! It sounds so simple, but a well-planned strategy is the only way you will ever successfully complete your task. You must think through your next one, two, five or more moves to ovoid an error. One wrong move can render the puzzle unsolvable.

Work your way sequentially through the 150 predesigned levels. Each level is a puzzle that takes skill, strategy and your wits to solve. It’s addictive! Once you start you can’t stop. Some puzzles may seem impossible, but there is a solution to each one. Scoring is based on number of moves and time required to complete each game. Top scores are automatically recorded and saved, but they can be erased.

With jalada Hamia there is always the challenge to complete just one more level. And before you know it-you're hooked!


  • All included no In-App Purchases
  • 150 predesigned levels
  • Enjoy gorgeous graphics and relaxing sounds
  • Three categories of difficulty - perfect for beginners and experts alike
  • Supports touch screen and mouse/keyboard controls
  • Multiple levels of increasing complexity
  • Extensive statistics
  • Multiple scoring systems
  • Top scores saved for all levels
  • Very simple to learn
  • Help pages included


Download this new puzzle game jalada Hamia and play it now.
Download jalada Hamia from the Windows Store   Download jalada Hamia from the Windows Phone Store   Download jalada Hamia from the Mac App Store   Download jalada Hamia from the App Store


ottimo passatempo (Dominique, Italy)

Acquisto verificato Per l'ambientazione e per la grafica 3d lo pongo uno o due gradini più in alto degli altri giochi dello stesso tipo. Azzeccatissima l'idea di poter disabilitare la vista 3d ed utilizzare la classica vista 2d, opzione che ho utilizzata in alcuni livelli. Consiglio di dare una chance a questo.

Divertentissimo gioco che mette alla prova ragionamento e colpo d'occhio. Non giocatelo se siete stanchi, ai livelli più alti bisogna spremersi per bene le meningi con il rischio di un gran mal di testa :). Consigliatissimo

Hamia take me away......, (Josephine, Texas)
A fun challenge for the mind. This is just what I was looking for. This is great fun and good mind exercise. I recommend this to everyone who likes a challenge.

jalada Hamia(Sophie, Canada)
Ce jeu est très bien pour se détendre,ça relaxe.Le graphisme est très bien,je le conseille.

Long Time Sokoban Player (Geraldo, Arizona)
This is an exciting game of Sokoban. I spend a lot of time doing a varity of these type of tile matches to keep my mind sharp. I'm just now 70 and all my life I've done many games and I can tell you, I'm pretty good both in my ability to think and my physical shape because I use the games as a break and reward for completing tasks about the house. I'm never bored and don't get tired out when I keep myself active! Don't get the idea Mah Jong is for old people, it's NOT! Any age can play, this is why it's fun and some tile matching games are NOT easy!

Solitaire, wie es sein sollte (Anton, Germany )
Wunderschönes Solitaire Spiel in Sokoban-Manier. Einfach nur fun!

The best Mah Jong Solitaire, (Barton, South Carolina)
I downloaded the game yesterday and played for hours. The best Sokoban I've ever played.

mi piace (Joseppe, Italy)
Molto divertente. Un modo piacevole per occupare il tempo libero. La migliore di questo genere con nuovi livelli giornalieri. Divertimento per tutte le età.

De los mejores y en HD (Pavlo, Spain)
Este para mi es de los mejores y al ser HD, es ideal para mi tablet. No ocupa mucho, y como suele pasar con este tipo de juegos, pues es para echar unas partidas casuales.

Great entertainment ( Sam, Chicago)
Love this game. Fun and entertaining If you like Sokoban you will like this game, Fun for the whole family.

Echt gelungen, (Gisela, Germany)  
Das Spiel macht richtig Spaß. Vor allem meine Kinder sind begeistert. Von der Idee ist es so ähnlich wie Sokoban, aber viel intuitiver zu bedienen.

Muy bueno. (Rodrigo, Argentina)
Hay muchos juegos de Sokoban...pero para mí,éste es el mejor y tambien es el más bonito y se ve en HD.

Jeux (Brigitte, France)
tres bon jeux pour grand et petit et lenvois toujour au jour ji tres bien superbe bien biennnnnnnnnnnnn bravos pour le createur

Game will keep you busy! (Charlize, Brighton)
Very nice Sokoban game. I don't play many Sokoban games, but for anyone who likes this type of game, I highly recommend it.

Bellaaa, (Leonardo, Italy)
Applicazione bella e sfondi molto carini mi piaceeeeee mi rilassa giocarci e almeno una buona parte gratuita complimenti e continuate così

entretenidísimo  (Antonio, Chile)
me encantan los Sokoban,semepasa el tiempo sin darme cuenta.Una pega que pueden resultar un poco repetitivos, pero me gustan.Espero saquen mas diversiones como esta.