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Just Translate

Just Translate
jalada Just Translate is your ideal editor to instantly translate and understand any foreign language text.

Air Strike Afghanistan

Air Strike Afghanistan

jalada Air Strike Afghanistan is your action flight simulator and combat game. Your goal is to destroy enemy targets dispersed throughout the various challenging campaigns leading through Afghanistan. Fight for glory to compete for the best pilot ever on Earth.



With jalada AstroChase you control a space fighter moving on the screen, scrolling left and right in order to avoid oncoming bombs and kamikaze attacks from alien invaders and to fire your own missiles to fight back!

Best Image Converter

best image converter

Best Image Converter is the most comprehensive tool for converting digital cameras RAW files, Postscript, PDF and all popular image formats into others, quick and reliable, simply by Drag & Drop.

As a result, you can easily import your pictures into your favorite app, regardless of the image format of your source.


jalada bijou

Bijou is a cute matching puzzle game. It is very easy to control and simple to learn.

Be prepared to enter the cute world of Bijou and let yourself be mesmerized by this unique puzzle game. Arrange the colorful game pieces into matching groups of three or more to enter the next level. The more matches you make the higher your score. Besides a subtle strategy, various rewards will help you to solve levels in a faster way.

Carry on Farming

carry on farming

Help little dinosaur Keiki by his work on the farm. Keiki has to take all animals of a level to the designated locations.

Each level has a different structure, which requires a new solution - often with a new strategy as well. The magic of the game is that items, which are out of the way on one move, might be in the way on the next move.



jalada Catalina is an entertaining blend of a popular matching game and a brain-busting puzzle.

The combination of easy control, 5 themes with stunning backgrounds, 3 difficulties plus 100 unique levels makes jalada Catalina a nearly never ending game experience for the whole family.

Chain Reaction

chain reaction

jalada Chain Reaction is an entertaining remake of a popular chain arcade puzzle game. The mixture of easy control, quick to learn plus 100 unique levels makes jalada Chain Reaction a nearly never ending game experience for the whole family.



Dinoban is a puzzle game in 3D that is especially designed to maintain your mental fitness. In order to improve your capabilities you have to push boxes, animals and other things onto the designated (colored) squares without getting stuck. After successfully solving a level, Dinoban will award you with a new challenge.

The combination of easy control, simple to learn plus over 50 unique levels makes Dinoban a fantastic game experience for the whole family.

jalada Collage 2018

collage 2018

jalada Collage is the great new fun, recent way to keep in touch and share life’s moments with friends and family.

Perfect for every mood and occasion, jalada Collage enables you to create eye-catching collages, posters, invitations, wallpapers, calendars and more with your favorite photos. It's easy!

jalada Fractal

jalada Fractal is your gate to the fantastic and mysterious world of fractal geometry. Because jalada Fracta hides all the complex mathematical stuff, you can focus on the fractals themselves, the way they are combined, and how they are colored.

jalada Image Dream 2018

image dream

jalada Image Dream brings out the hidden beauty of any picture and makes organizing and sharing them a snap.

Brilliantly simple you can enhance, cut and restore your photos, add stunning effects, design collages and calendars and create high quality prints. So you can spend more time actually shooting new photos.

jalada Language Alchemist

language alchemist

With jalada Language Alchemist, whenever you see a word you don't know in a manual, pdf document, web site, online help, or anywhere, you now have the power to check that word in seconds.

jalada Sculpture

jalada Sculpture is an easy to use triangle-based model editor for 3D art and animation.

jalada Spinball


Bounce the balls off the paddle and destroy the bricks, level by level, picking up bonuses along the way. Enjoy the delightful sound, graphics and gameplay!

jalada Textual


Smooth, intuitive, and powerful for editing text more efficiently and easier.

If you think getting your job done is work enough, don’t look further. While aiming at simplicity and ease of use, Textual is a powerful general-purpose text editor - packed with features.

Textual puts you back in control, reduces the mental overhead, and supports you to focus on what really matters: Your content, your business.

Photo Converter

jalada photo converter

Convert piles of images to all key formats at one go! Make quick adjustments - resize, rotate, apply auto-correction settings. Select between a number of effects. Get your pictures ready to be printed or uploaded to websites!

The best thing - you don't need to know anything about image editing, in order to dramatically improve the quality of your digital images. jalada Photo Converter makes it all seamlessly, with a few simple clicks.

Ultimate Racing

ultimate racing

jalada Ultimate Racing. Imagine the experience of being a race driver. The adrenaline rush of driving at ultimate speeds, the pressure of fierce competition, the fear of losing control and the intense concentration needed to harness the power of speeding chrome and steel.

Zen Writer

zen writer

Zen Writer is an intuitive and easy-to-use text processor that enables you to concentrate on your inspiration without waiving dearly functions such as spell checking.

If you are an editor, blogger, technical writer, journalist, freelancer, or just need to write something, start simplifies your work today.